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ShapeBootstrap is the home to thousands of talented designers, developers and creators, who sell a wide range of thematic templates. They all want to promote their individual or company products. But the main reason is almost same, they expect payments for their works, and creates this opportunity. When you sell an item on ShapeBootstrap market, the total purchase price is made up of what you get from the sales plus the ShapeBootstrap service fee.

Exclusive Items
An exclusive item is that specific item you sell ONLY on ShapeBootstrap market. It cannot be sold anywhere else. Our author sales commission for exclusive items is flat 70% of the item price.

Non-Exclusive Items
Our author sales commission for non-exclusive items is 40% of the item price.
Exclusive Items

Exclusive Items

(Each Sale Commission)
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Non-Exclusive Items

Non-Exclusive Items

(Each Sale Commission)
Author Commissions

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Still you have questions?

Read through our other Frequently Asked Questions.

How to upload/submit an item on ShapeBootstrap?

First thing first. You must have an account with ShapeBootstrap. After successfully creating the account, login to the marketplace. Go to your ShapeBootstrap account dashboard. You will get the Submit an Item button. Clicking that button will bring the upload page. Provide necessary information and finally upload your item. Don’t forget to read the submission guidelines to ensure that you are aware of the standard practices on the marketplace.

What resources can I use/include in my items?

The guideline is very straightforward. For an item, you can use only the resources you have appropriate right to do so. Different assets may have different license types. Suppose, you may find some images that you can use only to create a demo site for demonstration purpose, but you may not be allowed to provide those image files in the item download package because such commercial use might require additional licensing from the copyright holder. Also be careful about scripts. Only use those scripts in your item that are properly licensed for commercial use. If we receive any third-party claim regarding copyright violation by a author on our marketplace, we will take strict measures upon proper investigations. It may result in a ban on the author’s profile and even legal actions could be taken.

What links or texts can I put in the item description, demo and downloadable package?

To make ShapeBootstrap a great marketplace for all of the buyers, authors and other stakeholders, we require the authors to follow some best practices in inserting URLs, writing descriptions, creating preview pages and preparing the download packages. What we treat to be okay include but not limited to: 
  • If you use assets those are required to be credited, you can mention the source and link to it.  
  • You can provide links to online documentations or support forums. 
  • Relevant social media profile links are allowed.  
  • We govern the linking practices by a fair use policy. You may not place our competitors’ URL or branding on ShapeBootstrap. For non-exclusive items, you cannot provide an alternative download source on ShapeBootstrap site. 

Which withdrawal methods does ShapeBootstrap support?

ShapeBootstrap supports PayPal and Payoneer as author payment withdrawal methods. You must be able to receive payment via PayPal/Payoneer to sell items on this marketplace.


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