How to use the ‘Add to Cart’ option?

The ‘Add to Cart’ option enables a customer to pay for several items at once. It literally works like the physical shopping carts we see in super shops.

Steps to use the cart:

Step 1: Visit single items on ShapeBootstrap and click the ‘Add to Cart’ button from the right sidebar.


A new frame will appear and offer options to keep shopping (adding more items to the cart) or view cart (see how many items have been added into the cart). If you want to purchase more item(s), then choose ‘Keep Shopping’ and add more item(s) to the cart.

If you think you’ve added enough items, then click ‘View Cart’ and it will show a list of products that are ready to pay for. 


Step 2: Once you’ve clicked the ‘View Cart’ button, the product list will arrive. The grand total of the price for the added items will be shown. On this page you can initiate the payment procedure as usual. 


Note: The top menu bar also has a cart icon which shows the cart items in a single click.



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