How to purchase an item on ShapeBootstrap?

Buying an item on ShapeBootstrap is easy and quick. Please follow the steps below to complete purchasing an item.

Step 1: Open the specific item (details page) on ShapeBootstrap. The item description will be shown. Here you can read more about the item, see screenshots, ratings, reviews and view the live demo.

Step 2: Click the “Purchase Now” button on the right sidebar displayed on your desktop browser. For mobile browser, the “Purchase Now” button  is shown below the product details.


Step 3: Clicking the “Purchase Now” button will bring the checkout page. If you are not logged in to ShapeBootstrap already, it will ask you to login and then you can checkout.


Step 4: Choose your desired payment method and hit the “Pay Securely” button.


Step 5: Provide necessary information on this step. Please note, ShapeBootstrap doesn’t store your confidential payment credentials. After the checkout process, go to your account dashboard.

Open the Downloads tab. There you will find a list of your purchased items. Download your item from there.



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