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Cannot GET /html/dist/index.html


I try almost everything on gulpfile.js with divers gulp.task but I can't find any solution to open in browser the /html/dist/index.html (error page: Cannot GET /html/dist/index.html) on theme I just bought.

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.
Below the answer from Rustheme if you bought the AppUI frontend-backend theme:

html/ folder contains only static html version and not related to ng1/ which is angular.js version.
So respective gulpfiles of html and ng1 versions have different tasks and approaches.

But to serve html/dist/ files from ng1/ path you should put desired folder in ng1/, first rename it for example to static as dist/ already exists here.
You will get something like this:

Then in ng1/gulpfile.js add task:

gulp.task('static', ['watch'], function(){

And in command line/terminal run `gulp static`.

Problem solved ! Thx.


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