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Payment option in Nigeria

Good day, please i tried to use my (Nigeria) Naira master card, to purchase an item, but no success. What other payment options are available or what could be wrong.
Does your card have the ability to make International Payments?
By the way, you can use PayPal.
Im New here, or atleast my first time to buy a theme. i tried to checkout using Paypal, but upon clicking, I got this error message

Access Denied
You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

Reference #18.14911602.1484368991.2b6228a0

And by the way, there are two things about shapebootstrap id like to comment about.
by the way, why open paypal in a modal, instead of new window? customers want to see that the current page is indeed and not a phishing page

1. creating account using "Username" is no longer a good idea. remove it and let new users create account using their email and password only. now adays, many people forget their username, because someone else has used the one they always used, hence they use somtin new, which they forget later.

2. apart from this forum, there's no real support center, i hope this forum is effective in handling every issue.


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