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Contact Form not Working

I downloaded the Multi-OnePage Responsive Template, and when trying the Contact Form in a hosting it sends the body message but without any content (name, email, subject & message). I reviewed all files involved in Contact part (sendemail.php, index.html and mail.js) but everything seems to be ok... Pls your help!
I'm seeing the same issue - the email sends correctly but no values get passed through from the form; I've confirmed that the "name" attributes on the form inputs match those in the sendemail.php files.

Have they resolved this issue? Just wondering if their product and support is slipping.
The function does not send data. You could try this:

// Contact form

var form = $('#main-contact-form');


var formData = $(form).serialize();


var form_status = $('<div class="form_status"></div>');


type: "POST",

data: formData,

url: $(this).attr('action'),

beforeSend: function(){

form.prepend( form_status.html('<p><i class="fa fa-spinner fa-spin"></i> Sending your message...</p>').fadeIn() );



form_status.html('<p class="text-success" style="color: #FFFFFF">Thank you for contacting us. One of our team will contact your shortly.</p>').delay(5000).fadeOut();


Thanks, I also had that bug
Solution in
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