Bootstrap infrastructure includes several table styles that can fulfill most of your data visualisation needs. You get the basic, simple, row based table design to bordered and colored ones. These built-in table structures can lessen development time a lot. If you need more table functions, you may use additional plugins for this. I’ve gathered 5 free Bootstrap table plugins. Let’s see them.

Many people use Bootstrap because of its responsive nature and tons of built-in elements. The framework drastically abates the hassle and time required by developers. There are ready-made button designs, menu structures, scripts and more loaded inside Bootstrap. It’s always a good idea to do some customization to your Bootstrap design so it looks more innovative and of course, more beautiful. Let’s see some ways.

Reading books is a great way to learn new things. Electronic versions of paper books have already proved their ease and effectiveness. As a UI/UX designer or a developer, you always want to explore new stuffs. That’s why I’ve tailored a list of 5 free design eBooks you must check.

Hello designers, what’s up? I’m back again with some design (typography) stuffs. Today I’ll show you the best 20 Google fonts to use in 2016. This list has been crafted after exploring the web and collecting information from latest trendy designs. So I hope you will find it useful. Let’s see!

Having a website is a great way for a better online presence. If you are a professional and willing to build a personal portfolio site or planning to launch a business website to introduce your products, HTML templates can save your time and money. For static or semi-static sites, HTML templates can be the best and fastest solution. What’s more?

The year 2016 has just started. Web designers and developers got to take care about new trends and innovations. It’s very crucial to stay up to date and take actions accordingly. For dev and design people, following trends is a big necessity. This makes sure that the efforts you are giving will pay back. Let’s see top 5 trends designers and developers must care about in 2016.


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