ShapeBootstrap is a globally leading online marketplace for buying and selling website themes/templates. We are receiving an increasing number of themes every day. To ensure a more streamlined and better experience to the authors and users, we’ve decided to extend the size of our reviewer team. We’re looking for a theme/template reviewer.

Bootstrap allows developers to customize and extend the framework as they need. It comes with lots of built-in stuff required to create consistent and mobile-first layouts in a short period of time. There are many third-party plugins and addons to extend Bootstrap further. Here are 5 free Bootstrap extensions to boost your development efforts. 

Developers and designers craft new projects continuously. It’s very important to showcase your products in a creative and realistic manner. Mockups are a great way to present a product with a touch of reality. There are thousands of mockups available online which you can use to demonstrate your templates, apps and other digital assets. Today I’m sharing some collections of creative free mockup designs you can use for your projects.

It’s a pretty good thing for us to inform you that ShapeBootstrap has been receiving a lot of new themes each week. Many of them are really awesome, while some still need further improvements. Getting a submission approved by a marketplace is a great news for any developer. To increase this chance, you may utilize some insider tips from me. Let’s see.


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