While default HTML radios and checkboxes work fine, you barely feel the need to redesign them. What if you are little more choosy and want them to be just your way. Then, here is the process we want you to follow. In this article, we would introduce you to some wonderful JavaScript libraries that would help you give your radios and checkboxes awesome looks. Though you can do it on your own, our list of the JavaScript libraries will ease your effort and make things done with just a few lines of codes.

Image gallery on a website is a popular trend because it adds up extra beauty. In case of photography and travel related websites, image gallery has no alternative. If your website has some photos to be displayed for your visitors, image gallery is the way to go. You can design such an image gallery anyway you want but designing image gallery using Lightbox jQuery plugin makes it easier for you. It has a default design that you can use or you can style it in the code. Lightbox saves your time and effort providing a great looking image gallery at the same time.

Microsoft took a timely step by introducing Fluent Design System at a time when most other design methodologies can barely cope with modern devices. In a world of virtual reality and mixed/augmented reality, you may not be just happy with how your designs look on only desktop and mobile devices. Moreover, you want them to be compatible with all modern devices including what are coming in future. This is where the Fluent Design steps ahead of Google’s Material design and its very own Metro design system. The idea of having all basic design concepts with very new light and depth is going to revolutionize the entire design system with its ability to present elements in all available dimensions. 


Whatever the type of website you create, you may require to set up a pop-up window to let your visitors know any potential updates, offers, announcements. Such pop-up notification works far better than any other ways. Pop up message ensures a high level of user engagement on your site if they are to click on those notifications. When it comes to developing such notification pop up there is nothing but jQuery notification plugin works better. Out of so many jQuery plugins, we listed some of the best jQuery notification plugins that will work perfectly with your site.

Images play a great role to look your website better. This is why the presentation of images is of paramount consideration to all web artisans. There are different ways you can present images on your site. You can do it on your own or use any third party plugins to get this job done. If you choose the latter, there are plenty of jQuery image gallery plugins to choose from. In this article, we will introduce some of the free jQuery image gallery plugins that you can use in 2017 for your web projects.

Having just forms on your site is not enough, you have to validate those forms to receive the appropriate data from the sender. Validation is not only an effective way to stave off unwanted form submissions on your site, but also this is the best way to guide senders to fill out the forms. Validating these data is as important as having forms on your site. You can validate your forms in different ways. The good news is, there are some jQuery form validation plugins you can use to serve this purpose. This is what we are going to talk about today.

Image optimization includes resizing, converting, compressing or any sort of modification.While working with code you can not escape from such type of work as you want images to be your way. Getting this done by any desktop application like Photoshop is time consuming and boring to most of the coders. The good news is there are many free online tools that can help you in this regard. We'll introduce you to some of those useful online tools in this article.

Contact forms are the gateways for the visitors to have their say about your products, services or contents on your website. You never know how any appreciation, modification suggestions or queries of your visitors you missed if you don’t have a contact form on your site. An ideal website must have a special page with a contact form and other contact information on it. You got lucky if you are using WordPress as there are plenty of contact form plugins that you can integrate to your site to serve this purpose. 

If you've ever searched for the most popular programming language, you must have found JavaScript at the beginning of the list. No matter whatever the language you work with you do need to come to JavaScript for front-end view and different events of your application. Being enriched with plenty of useful libraries, JavaScript is the single most demanded language of the web. JavaScript helps you build eye-catching websites that your visitors love. This is why learning JavaScript could be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

Websites that are most likely draw visitors attention are the websites that take comparatively less time to load. While loading speed of your website largely depends on the files you make your website with, you might as well think of minimizing file sizes. The idea of minifying code in order to minimize the file size comes to serve this purpose. Alongside increasing the loading speed, code minification has a lot of other benefits. We will now talk about some of the most useful minification tools that come very handy.


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