It feels wonderful when we get some suggestions based on the words we type in the search bar and see the results accordingly. It seems the system reads my mind and suggests the exact thing I meant to search. Such interactive search system is called live search which is basically an input field that has been programmed to load suggestions from a specific dataset. It is a lot like Google or Bing Search where people enter data to find their desired results. Live search in your application improves the user friendliness of your site regardless of whatever back-end technology your site is on. 

While Google's material design is hugely followed to design great looking Android applications, it’s no wonder that the other web application developers will be inspired to follow the trend. Material Design has reached far and beyond what many designers predicted in the beginning and is now a commonly regarded as the design standard for developing mobile websites. Many web developers follow Material Design pattern while building their web applications.

Bootstrap modal is so useful when it comes to showing the visitors any particular content upon clicking on a button. It saves your time from creating extra pages for your websites. Modal is a lightweight JavaScript popup that is easily customizable and fully responsive. It can be used to display alert popups, videos, and images on any page of your site. Any website built with Bootstrap can showcase any of these types of content with modals.

Imagine that you are working on a particular project with a team. Your team members are working on different files of the same project and creating new files on their computers. Guess how difficult it is to revert the changes if someone makes a mistake or made something unnecessary. How complicated would it be to assemble the entire project when the work is done. It seems so difficult and this is where the version control system comes in. It keeps tracks of changes you all make and help you get back to any previous part even after going a long way with the project.

The competitive tech industry requires products with rock solid UX for utmost flexibility and smooth system flow. Any of the web technological product development starts from design. So from the beginning of the process, the product should be top notch, researched and in purpose. As a designer, your key job is to develop a layout that fulfills the story of the purpose through a well designed UI and UX. To gain such kind of functionality every designer should have some coding knowledge. We are going to find out today why you should.

Your success as a freelancer does not only depend on how skillfully you get the job done for your clients but also on how timely are you to submit projects. You might not get an expected rating from your clients if you can not submit projects on time even after meeting all other requirements. Your reputation on the marketplace will decline and you will lose a lot of potential clients in the long run. So managing time properly can save your job as a freelancer. In this article, we will discuss how you can manage your time while working on your client projects.

As a part of our process to upgrade your experience with ShapeBootstrap, we bring changes to ShapeBootstrap stuff whenever necessary. Our modifications are always intended to improve the overall performance of your items sold on this platform. Having our valued authors in mind, we’ve decided to update the ShapeBootstrap item thumbnail image policy.

There are plenty of Bootstrap templates and recently added WordPress themes on Shapebootstrap. Every single item has to through strict guideline to be accepted in this marketplace. Some of the items win the hearts of the purchasers and take place in the popular category. From all these popular items we will present you top seven of them right in the order as they come. Let’s take a look which templates these are.

The websites you build are supposed to look pleasing to the visitor’s eye. Alongside having all necessary things on your site, it may not translate to higher conversion rates if the contents are not presented properly with an eye-catching design. There are many ways you can present your website contents properly. The best way you can do it is with content sliders. These bring an awesome look and much-needed functionalities to your portal.

We’re so much excited to let you know that, starting from today, the ShapeBootstrap authors will be getting a whopping 70% sales commission on items exclusively sold on this marketplace. It’s a clear-cut and straight-forward policy with no strings attached. For the items you sell exclusively on ShapeBootstrap, you will get a flat 70% commission from now on.


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